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Gemini Sound Dj Equipment Djx-200 Technical For Mixing Beats Professional Studio Drums Over The Ear Audio Dj Recording Monitor


Gemini Sound Dj Equipment Djx-200 Technical For Mixing Beats Professional Studio Drums Over The Ear Audio Dj Recording Monitor

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Gemini Sound Djx-500 Professional Dj Headphones, Over-Ear, Wired, 90/180 Rotating Joints, 57Mm Drivers, Padded Ear Cups –


Brand Gemini Sound
Model Name DJX-500
Color Black
Form Factor Over Ear
Connectivity Technology Wired

  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE HEADPHONES: This Gemini DJX-500 Monitoring and DJ Reference Headphones is Your Perfect Buddy for Monitoring Music in the Studio, Featuring Earcups with Rotating Joints and a Closed-Back Design for the Ultimate Audio Experience.
  • PERFECT DIMENSIONS: The Professional Headphone Measures 7.6″ inches L x 6.1″ inches W x 4.4″ inches H, and Weighs 1.08 lbs. The Cable Length is 47.25” and Comes with ¼” and ⅛” Cable Connectors.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE DESIGN: Extremely Lightweight and Comfortable Headphones Designed for Long DJ Studio Sessions. Features Soft Padded Synthetic Material-Covered Ear Cups and a Smooth Headband.
  • EXCEPTIONAL SOUND ISOLATION AND AUDIO CLARITY: Provides Consistent Listening Environment, Featuring a Closed Back Design That Isolates Audio and 57 mm Dynamic Drivers for Ultra-Wide Frequency Response, Extended Bass Performance, and Detailed Highs.
  • 1/8″ and 1/4″ Connectors and 157. 5 Inch Long Cable.
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Product Description

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Empower Your Sound

At Gemini, our goal is to design products that offer value and innovation in the DJ and Pro Audio markets. Since 1974, we’ve evolved and thrived by understanding the needs of our customers and recognizing industry trends. From our humble beginnings, we understood the potential of the DJ movement.

DJX-500 Headphones by Gemini

For The Pro In You

The DJX series are elite in comfort. Each pair is equipped with soft ear pads that fit perfectly. With a wide variety of selections, the headphones are sure to maximize your music listening experience. Thy are the mid-tier of our DJX line, perfect for beginner DJs or pro engineers alike whether using for DJing, Music Production, Gaming or Podcasting, thy will provide endless hours of HD audio in a comfortable headset.

  • 57 mm dynamic drivers
  • Reversible 90 degree horizontal and 180 degree vertical rotating joints
  • Soft-skin earcups
  • 5 Foot Cable

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Closed back headphones allow for full ear coverage to cancel out any noise so you can hear your music clearly before it hits the speakers.


57mm Dynamic Drivers create a listening experience unlike any consumer headphone. Hear your highs, mids and lows with clarity so you can get the most out of your mix and hear them clearly as you mix them.


Long trip Big GIG relax and use the aux end of these headphones to plug right into your phone and dose off for long easy listening.

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DJ Headphones

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Don’t worry about sweat or chaffing against your noggin as the soft leather stuffed with natural cotton give you long lasting comfort for any situation.


If your mixing in the studio, playing a long gig or have a flight and need easy listening. Gemini has you covered with the DJX-500 DJ Headphones!


With multiple swivel points, comfortably wear them with one cup on / one cup off with out straining your neck and shoulders or lay them flat in your luggage.


Frequency Response (5Hz to 30KHz): This is the range of bass, mids, and treble that these DJX-500 headphones can produce. With a low end of 5Hz, you’ll feel the deep bass like a drummer’s heartbeat. And with a high end of 30KHz, you’ll hear the shimmering cymbals like you’re in the studio. It’s like having a professional mixing headphones right on your ears!
Transducer Principle (Dynamic): This is the magic behind the sound. Dynamic transducers are like little speakers in your headphones, pumping out your favorite beats. They’re the reason why these headphones DJ can handle high volume levels without distortion. It’s like having a personal concert, right on your head!
Driver Size (57mm): Bigger is better when it comes to driver size. These 57mm drivers are like having a powerful sound engine in each ear. They deliver a wide soundstage and detailed audio, making these headphones perfect for professional studio work or DJing. It’s like having a full orchestra playing just for you!
Nominal Impedance (32Ω): This is a measure of how much power your headphones need. With a nominal impedance of 32Ω, these headphones are easy to drive, even with portable devices. So, whether you’re mixing tracks in the studio or spinning records at a club, these DJ headphones professional will always deliver top-notch sound.
Sensitivity (107dB±3dB): This tells you how loud these headphones can get. With a sensitivity of 107dB, these headphones can crank up the volume without losing clarity. It’s like having a front-row seat at a concert, without the ringing ears afterwards!
Magnet (NdFeB): This is the type of magnet used in the headphones. NdFeB magnets are super strong, helping to produce a clear and powerful sound. It’s like having a tiny superhero in each ear, fighting for your right to great sound!
Voice Coil Material (Copper): This is what turns electrical signals into sound. Copper voice coils are known for their excellent conductivity and durability. It’s like having a reliable sound wizard casting enchanting audio spells in your ears!
Weight (300g): These headphones are lightweight, making them comfortable for long DJing sessions or studio work. It’s like wearing a feather on your head that sings sweet melodies into your ears!
Type (Closed): Closed headphones provide excellent isolation, blocking out external noise. They’re perfect for drum headphones isolation or when you need to focus on your mix. It’s like having your own private sound booth, wherever you go!
Total Harmonic Distortion (<0.1%): This means that these headphones reproduce audio with minimal distortion, keeping your music pure and true. It’s like having a crystal-clear mountain stream of sound flowing into your ears!
Input Power (30mw): This tells you how much power these headphones can handle. With an input power of 30mw, these headphones can handle some serious volume. It’s like having a mini rock concert happening right on your head!
Connector Type (1/8”): This is the size of the plug that connects the headphones to your audio device. The 1/8″ connector is a common size, compatible with most devices. It’s like having a universal key to the world of sound!
Cable Length (5’): This gives you plenty of freedom to move around while DJing or mixing. It’s like having a long leash for your ears, letting themroam free in the world of sound!
Adapter Included (1/4″ Adapter): This handy little accessory lets you connect your headphones to professional audio equipment. It’s like having a passport that lets your ears travel to the land of high-quality sound. Whether you’re a DJ spinning tracks or a producer in the studio, this adapter has got you covered!

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Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Product Dimensions

7.44 x 7.6 x 3.62 inches



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Date First Available

November 10, 2019

Item Weight

12 ounces

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Gemini Industries, Inc.

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